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State League Program


These guidelines are to serve as a supplement to the current Bay Soccer Club Rules and Procedures For Youth Travel Program. Travel Program rules and procedures regarding Evaluations, Leagues, Teams, Players, Trainer/Coaches, Fees, Training, Conduct, and Uniforms pertain to the State League Teams as an extension of the Travel Program.

1. State League Teams are intended to offer an advanced Player development opportunity.

  • State League Team participation should be considered an additional level of training and competition within the Bay Soccer Club Travel 
  • Program. State League Teams are intended to supplement not replace Travel League Teams.
  • State League Team formation shall be a product of Player interest and capacity within each Age Group. Not every Age Group is expected or required to form a State League Team.
  • Tournament participation opportunities shall still be offered to Travel League Players and shall not be limited to State League Players only.
  • Annual Player fees for State League Teams shall be determined and collected by the BSC Treasurer separately from and in addition to the standard Travel Program fee.

2. A State League Team may be formed within Age Groups that demonstrate sufficient interest and ability.

  • State League Teams shall be recommended by the respective Commissioner of Travel to the BSC Travel Team Committee in accordance with the Travel Rules. Travel League Teams shall still be maintained as determined by the BSC Board.
  • Each State League Team shall have a parent Manager to assist with administration – Player registration, game and practice scheduling, etc. 
  • The Commissioners of Travel shall submit Manager recommendations to the Team Committee for approval by the BSC Board.
  • One(1) State League Team may be formed for each of the U11 – U15 Age Groups to represent the Bay Soccer Club with Players who have demonstrated their ability and want to make the extra training and playing commitment. Entering the State League for Age Groups prior to the U11 year is precluded to balance Player’s opportunities to explore other sports/activities, avoid ‘drop-off’ as kids age, and allow for initial Player growth and development in the U9 and U10 years.
  • Consideration may be given to forming a State League Developmental Program without declaring a Team in the State League for the U10 year to gauge Age Group interest/commitment and to assess competitive level prior to fielding an 9v9 Team. A U10 State League Developmental Program can provide a transition to the U11 year with the formation of a competitive training environment while maintaining balanced Travel League Teams. The Developmental Program may consist of additional training and selected tournament participation only.

3. The State League roster shall be formed from existing Travel League Players.

  • Invitations shall be extended to eligible BSC Travel Players from an Age Group in the order of current Player evaluations until the desired number of roster spots are filled.
  • State League Players shall participate on a Travel League Team unless an exception is approved by the BSC Travel Team Committee and Board.
  • No Travel League Players should be expected or obligated to participate in State League.
  • State League roster size shall be recommended by the Commissioners of Travel to the BSC Travel Team Committee to maximize participation of interested/committed Players. Rosters shall strive to develop a large Player pool, make available sufficient practice participants, and allow flexibility to accommodate injuries, scheduling conflicts, etc.
  • State League Teams may balance game scheduling as necessary to provide adequate playing time.
  • A younger Player may petition in writing to “play up” on a State League Team only as outlined in the Travel Rules.
  • Players shall only play on one State League Team.
  • Out of community Players shall be considered as described in the BSC Travel Rules.

4. The State League Team shall have an independent Trainer/Coach.

  • A Trainer/Coach selected by the appropriate Director of Player Development with assistance from the respective Commissioner shall act as Head Coach for State League Team.
  • The Commissioner may select a parent manager to assist the Trainer/Coach with administrative tasks such as Player registration or game and practice scheduling.
  • The Trainer/Coach will plan and lead the training program without assistance from parents.
  • The Trainer/Coach shall be responsible for game position and playing time decisions.
  • State League Trainer/Coaches shall adhere to the Bay Soccer Club Travel Program: Coaching Ethics and the Developmental Process.

5. The State League Teams shall typically schedule one additional practice and one additional game each week during the league season.

  • State League practices shall supplement Travel League practices. Players shall not be expected to attend more than three total practices a week.
  • State League practices shall be scheduled on other days than Travel League practices.
  • State League practice attendance is expected to allow for execution of group drills and Team tactical training. Practices should seek to maximize each Player’s development within a competitive team context.
  • State League participation is intended to provide additional training and conditioning in balance with additional games. State League games and Travel League games shall be scheduled on different days and shall avoid conflicts with scheduled State League or Travel League practices.
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