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Futsal Program


General Rules

Teams play 5 v 5 including a keeper.

Games are 17 minutes running time (3 games/hour).

- No overtime, injury time or timeouts

Balls are regulation Futsal.

Offside is not enforced.

All subs will be "on the fly" including the keeper from the bench.

Players leaving play must be at the touchline before the sub may enter or risk a yellow card.

No sliding.



Kick-offs are indirect and may be kicked in any direction.

Kick-ins are indirect and taken from or outside the touchline.

Corner kicks are direct.

Free kicks may be indirect or direct.

PK's are taken from the top of the (basketball) arc; defenders must be 15 feet from the ball and behind the arc.

Opponents may not be closer than 15 feet when defending a restart.

Goal kicks are taken with the hands by rolling, throwing, or bouncing the ball from anywhere within the penalty area (basketball key) to outside the penalty area.

Balls hitting the ceiling should restart with a kick-in from nearest touchline point.


Fouls and Misconduct

Indirect kicks are taken for dangerous play, obstruction, sliding or preventing a keeper from releasing the ball with their hands.

Direct kicks for fouls against an opponent or slide-tackling.

Yellow cards are issued for slide-tackling against an opponent, reckless play, dissent, unsporting behavior, persistent infringement of the rules, delaying the restart of play (including encroachment during a restart).

Red cards are issued for a second yellow, violent conduct, serious foul play, and denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity.  Red cards require a 2-minute penalty.



May not punt or dropkick (if occurs the restart is a direct free-kick from the halfway line).

May receive a kick-in.

May kick or throw the ball over the halfway line but cannot score from a throw (restart is a goal kick).

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