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Rec Program

When does the season start?
We have a Spring season; the games start in April and typically run to late May/early June.  The Fall season is August through mid-October.

When are games played?
In the spring, about 75% are played on Saturday mornings and about 25% are played on weeknights. Fall games are all on Saturday.

Where are the games played?
All games are played at Cahoon Park.

When are practices?
Practices are scheduled by individual team coaches. Usually on weeknights.

How often does a team practice?
Typically one night per week; on rare occasion two.

How do I register?
Once you have created a login and added your children, you should "Add a Program" from the My Account screen. Please read and complete each section of the online registration system carefully.

When is registration?
For spring, registration opens in January and remains open without penalty until early March. Late Registration with a late fee assessed begins around early March. Please refer to the home page for current information. Fall registration begins in the summer.

My son/daughter plays travel. Can they still play Rec? 
Yes, their spring Rec fees are automatically paid if they paid through their travel team however, they still must sign up by the deadline to avoid the late fee.

How can I coach?
We invite all of our players' parents to take part in what always turns out to be a fun and very fulfilling experience as a coach or assistant coach. As a parent, you are asked to volunteer to coach when you register your child online. You may register yourself and spouse as guardians and you may volunteer to coach or assist during that process.

I don’t live in Bay Village. Can my son or daughter still play?

My daughter just had her ears pierced, can we cover the earrings with tape or bandages?
No. For the safety of your daughter and the other players, earrings and other jewelry (except medical ID’s) are not allowed.

How can I get involved with Bay Soccer Club?
The Volunteer page under the Parents section has more information on how to  get involved.

I would like my kids to be on specific teams, how is this possible?
With nearly 1,200 players, all managed by a group of volunteer parents and students, BSC cannot place players on a specific team.

When do practices begin?
Practices will begin in April for the spring season and August for the fall season.

When do games begin?
Spring games begin mid- to late April and for the fall season in August.

How are the teams selected?
Every effort is made to create "equal" teams. Teams are selected through a random, electronic draw. Players are sorted by talent level (asked of previous travel and recreational coaches) for older ages. For younger ages, players are sorted by “very energetic” or “less energetic”.

May I coach with a friend?
Yes, as long as both coaches do not have sons or daughters playing together on the age group’s “A” travel team.

How young can a player be to join soccer?
Players must be age 3 by April 1st to play spring rec soccer and age 3 by August 1st to play fall rec soccer.

Travel Program

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State League Program

What is the Bay Soccer Club - State League (BSC-SL) Program?
This BSC-SL program is intended to offer an advanced player development opportunity through an additional level of training and competition.  

Why have a State League (SL) offering?
To provide a more focused, higher-level of training and coaching to players who have demonstrated the desire and capability.

What are some of the benefits in joining BSC-SL vs. a local Premier Club?
BSC can save families time and money for a comparable level of training and competition and manage the schedules so that our children can play both travel and state league level soccer without conflict.

Is my child eligible to participate in the BSC-SL?
Your child must meet the eligibility requirements within the BSC Travel program and BSC State League rules and guidelines to participate.  

Who will coach the BSC-SL teams?
The BSC-SL program will hire licensed trainer/coaches for both practices and games. Each trainer/coach must pass a background check and be certified in concussion protocol.

Who will choose the trainers/coaches and assign them to a BSC-SL team?
Our BSC Directors of Boys and Girls Player Development will recommend to the Bay Soccer Club Board of Directors the trainer/coaches to be assigned to each team.  

When are BSC-SL games played?
Most games are played on Saturdays although some may also be played on a weeknight.  Sunday games are avoided to prevent conflict with travel games.   

What age groups are BSC-SL teams offered to?
The U11 age group is the first year the BSC-SL program is available. Teams may continue to play through the U15 age group. However, not every age group is expected nor are they required to form a SL team. An age group’s performance in the travel league will be considered before forming a team to represent the BSC in the SL.

Do you have an advanced offering for players younger than the U11 age group?
Yes, a SL Developmental program is planned for all players in the U10 travel age group.  Players will be invited for additional training sessions with a licensed professional trainer. There is no additional cost for the SL Developmental program. No team entry is planned, but if friendly scrimmages are played or a tournament is approved players will be responsible for these expenses.

Can non-residents tryout for BSC-SL teams?
Yes, “out-of-community” players will be considered as described in our BSC Travel Rules.

Won’t a SL offering hurt the BSC Travel program?
No. The BSC-SL program is intended to supplement, not replace, travel program teams and formation shall be a product of player interest and capacity within each age group.

Where will the BSC-SL home games be played?
Bay Village. Cahoon Park is our home field and will host the majority of your games. You will have at least four home games and a maximum of four away games each fall or spring season.

What does the BSC-SL program cost?
$660 annual fee (two payments $280/$380).

What does the BSC-SL fee include?
Your fee includes participation in the BSC travel program, 8 game fall and 8 game spring ONYSA seasons, team, player, and referee fees, Blue/Neutral "Bay Soccer Club"  training kit (shirt, shorts, socks), red “Bay Soccer Club” game socks, and licensed professional coaching at all practices and games.

Does the BSC-SL offer a winter training opportunity? 
No. Winter training will be determined by each team and will incur an additional cost.

Will the BSC-SL teams participate in any tournaments or camps?
It is possible for individual SL teams to participate in tournaments on weekends in which it will not conflict with the BSC travel program. Any camps or tournaments a SL team chooses to attend will incur an additional cost to the player.  These offerings are not part of your annual fee.

How often does a BSC-SL team practice?
BSC-SL teams will train once a week as scheduled by the team manager so they will not conflict with the BSC travel program practice nights.

Do the BSC-SL teams purchase different uniforms?
No. The uniform you will wear is the same as your BSC travel program uniform with the one exception of red socks. Your red socks will be provided to you and are paid for with your annual fee. You will also be provided, as part of your annual fee, a training kit that includes a blue or neutral colored shirt, shorts and socks.

How are BSC-SL teams selected?
The BSC Travel program will host annual player evaluations to determine the players who will be invited to participate. The BSC-SL is for the higher level player that is committed to an extra training session and game a week.

Who does the BSC-SL program play against?
The BSC-SL teams will play against Premier Clubs and other high-level, community teams throughout OH-North.

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